Time is a funny thing….as I was on the way to work this morning I had this picture in my mind of Becky and me folding clothes.  It’s funny, I think that only happened one time when John and I had returned from Colorado and were staying with Becky and Vernon until we could move into the house we had just bought.  I had a basket of clean clothes to fold and Becky was helping me.  Now that she is gone, one of the times I always think of her is when I am folding clothes.  What a precious soul she was….I couldn’t have asked for a better sister-in-law.  I will always miss her.


I guess the reason my mind had wandered back to the past was because we lost Glen Campbell yesterday.  I listened to a couple of his songs and, as always happens when I listen to classic music, I relived moments in time when I was a teenager and hearing these songs for the first time.  I find it amazing how easily and clearly I can recall exactly how I was feeling back then.  These moments that I have lived that are precious to me and so accessible.  It only takes the smallest thing to trigger that rush of feelings and memories that put me back in touch with me at different stages of my life.

That’s reassuring to me as I grow in age and in wisdom (I hope), just knowing that I can revisit those special times in my life with people I miss.  It has also been a comfort to me in my estrangement from my oldest son to be able to remember him through the different stages of his childhood.  For the first four years of his life he was my buddy, my closest companion.  He was the best big brother Adam and Justin could have asked for and I will forever be sorry to have lost his presence in my life.  I have been blessed to be able to be a part of Sterling and Lexy’s and Keegan’s lives, his children and grandson, and treasure any small moments in time I have with them.  Those snapshots in time will forever be with me.

Handsome guysLexy and Keegan 2016

I see my little buddy looking back at me through those eyes…….


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