The Circle of Life

I recently attended the High School Graduation of my grandson, Ethan.  What a handsome young man he has grown into.  Having my picture taken with him after the ceremony was exhilarating and bittersweet all at once.  How is it that this little bundle of sweetness and smiles in 2001 is already in 2019 so much a man?

Ethan 200164581689_10213978950607904_597004319614566400_n

He is so tall I feel somewhat like a hobbit standing next to him and am grateful that he has good personal hygiene….and I also wonder how this picture is in my phone when my phone is in my hand….hmmm.

Looking at these pictures gets me thinking about the interesting correlations between different members of my family, different generations and time periods.  The most recent one came on Father’s Day when my granddaughter Hanna posted this picture of her dad, my youngest son…Justin

Isn’t he a handsome lad….Father’s Day 2019.  Well that picture made me think of one of my dad from about 1969, 50 years earlier.Dad

They do look alike.  Hey dad, Happy Father’s Day…sure do miss you and wish you could have known your grandsons after they were grown.  I know you’d like them!  That youngest one is a lot like you….

Then there was this earlier set of pictures that really caught me by surprise.  The first one is of my Mom (Sally Varner) and her brother Virgil up in Creede, Colorado sometime around the year 1940.10710992_10202547581870830_5602840272574596761_n

Then here, more than sixty years later is my little Savannah Nicole….10413413_10202547583030859_2847675808475690783_n

That is uncanny….makes me believe in re-incarnation!

This last one is interesting as well.  It is a chalk drawing done by one of mom’s close friends when I was a baby.  I still have the original drawing.  In comparing it to my baby pictures I could see some resemblance but I didn’t feel I had the reddish hair she drew.251340_1822911572598_1312077_n

This picture was drawn in 1954 or 1955.  Here is a picture of my granddaughter Veronica who was born in 2009.255730_1824628335516_1433177_n……is that some sort of precognition?

I suppose the point I am trying to make with all of this is how much there is around us that we barely take time to notice.  One day I am holding a baby boy in my arms and it seems the next day I am standing next to his armpit…lol. Time passes by us so quickly and there is so much that escapes us because life is so frantic and chaotic at times.  I read this wonderful book by Eckhart Tolle titled The New Earth.  The lesson from that book that I carry with me and practice every day is to…  Fully experience the present moment because that is all you truly have.

When did my hair get so gray?


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